Review: Leatherface

“Dog Disco”

A unique three piece from the UK.  While falling somewhere in the punk category, this is a more indie rock creative version of punk.  While all three members have vocal credits (and do put in their share of harmonizing vocals), it’s Frankie Stubbs that gives Leatherface its most distinctive feel.  His vocals are very rough, dark and somber but have a steady flow to them with a creative take on lyrics.  Very Mike Ness (Social Distortion).  The songs are put together in a way that makes some of the ideas repetitive by the time the song finishes, but the vibe is certainly there.  Stubbs is also responsible for the guitars, which have this tendency to drop into these heavily muted guitar runs that have a punkish value, but when balanced against the verse/chorus structures and mid-tempo cadence it all blends more into a feel of a polished rock tune.  This band had actually put out its first release in ’89 and broke up and reformed in the 90’s.  “Dog Disco”, while not packing the most punch in marketing impact for a title or CD cover, does hold its credibility with some lyrically driven rock with a punkish hue.