Review: Lightweight Holiday

Lightweight Holiday
(Porterhouse Records)

Superdrag. What a great band they were gonna be. Infectious hooks, sugar sweet melodies and harmonies that almost made you angry they were so easy. What happened? Lightweight Holiday wants to be the answer. And there’s room for a band with this kind of potential to be the next ‘Sucked Out’ era Superdrag. Jangly guitar work, pop-pop-pop drumming, head-bopping bass and lyrics written during a steamy summer love all make these Cincinnati youngsters a band to keep your eyes on.

There is a bit of remedial album filler on this slab (quite a few of the songs being about girls), but they are only 17 years old, and the focus is on consistently good music and a solid, unwavering pop sound that’s got the power to stick in your head.