Review: Lisa Geramno

Lisa Geramno
“Lullaby For Liquid Pig”
(Ineffable Records)

Lisa Geramno returns with a delightful album about depression and alcoholism.  This is sure to put a smile on just about anyone’s face.  The slow-core trudging pop of “Candy” puts a hop in your step with lines like “Too bad it’s still raining inside, Alcohol” and “Too bad I forgot what I’s thinking, Alcohol”.  Other notable tracks include the twangy country ballad “’It’s Party Time’” that includes lines such as “””I want to be, $9.99, a pretty good wine” and “I smell like wine, most of the time”.”

It’’s funny but I keep daydreaming about playing this album out of an ice cream truck in front of an AA meeting and making a serious profit on the whole ordeal.

Truthfully, this is a dreadfully honest album about someone in the grips of depression with no hope of reprieve.  I like it.