Review: Little Cat

Little Cat
(Pandacide Records)

Little Cat is very interesting lo-fi electronic music that’s extremely hard to characterize.  It seems Devon Rumrill spent some four years (give or take a year) recording this record on VHS and cassette.  Devon prefers VHS for its “clear but characteristically imperfect sound.”  In its own right, this album is a masterpiece.  Early recordings for this record were made with non-sequenced Casio samples and later recordings were sequenced.  Imagine having to use non-sequenced samples to overdub on a four-track or VHS to make transient electronic music.  No wonder it took four years because as a solo project that must have been frustrating.  The outcome of DR’s hard work is a sound similar to Final Fantasy.  I played role playing games a lot when I was a kid and I think the music kicks some major ass.  This album sounds like it could be the sound track for a FF game set in the future.  I don’t know if my mind gets lost in the music or the music gets lost in my mind, but this is an unbelievable record.