Review: Longmont Potion Castle

Longmont Potion Castle
“Vol. 4”
(Attention Deficit Recordings)

A jackass with a vocal synthesizer/manipulator/sampler making prank calls.  He is not funny.  His basic approach is sounding very stoned and very vague, and just confuses ‘victims’ of his phone calls until annoyed.  He just says something more or less random, and then tweaks it to create a confusing effect over the phone line while the people on the other end try vainly to help him.  It might be sort of stupidly funny (if you think Jerky Boys actually qualifies as humor), except this is an idiot with a machine.  So listening to this is just slightly less annoying than actually getting a call.  Let me stress again, this is not funny.  I think it’s supposed to be.  But it’s not. But he did send me an orange pencil with his Longmont Potion Castle on the side, and that is cool. (If you want to hear something actually amusing using a sampler, check out this guys site for free