Review: Long Since Forgotten

Long Since Forgotten
“”Standing Room Only””
(Rocket Star)

Long Since Forgotten are essentially punchy, melodic rock, with slick rock guitars that will surely impress the girls out there. Imagine older pre-hit Goo Goo Dolls mixed with Dashboard Confessional and you’ll get a clearer understanding of what these guys are about. ‘

‘Looking Glass’’ is more deserving of radio play than most of what’s currently on radio playlists. ‘’Waiting For You’’ has this ability to crawl under your skin until you stop resisting it’s potency. Finally I’’d be lying if I didn’’t mention the song ‘’Broken Record’…’ kicks ass. Singer Josh Coy pours his heart out about the typical emo stuff in each song but his smooth as silk delivery helps propel ‘Long Since Forgotten’ past most bands.  This is a solid release that will connect with fans of just about any genre of music.