Review: Long Since Forgotten

Long Since Forgotten
“All the Things You Said…”
(RocketStar Recordings)

So here is the new Get Up Kids album and I really like it because…wait, this is Long Since Forgotten.  Could have sworn…well, anyway, “All the Things You Said…” is a pretty good debut album from a four piece emo-pop-rock outfit from Syracuse.  There are the obligatory minor chords, arpeggio picking, and melodic backing vocals that you’ve really got no choice but to like because they sound so nice.

Now, these guys are not quite as daring as The Get Up Kids, as they don’t bother to incorporate keyboards into their songs, and they don’t have as many up-tempo tunes as someone like Ultimate Fakebook, but Long Since Forgotten still manages to rock without being too pretentious.  The guitars on “All the Things” seem inspired by “Siamese Dream”-era Smashing Pumpkins, with stop-start intonations and slightly off-key tuning, an interesting source of inspiration for an emo band, but one that matches the scenery nicely.  Good times here, so check these guys out before they’re all popular and you can brag to girls who don’t like you that you were way into Long Since Forgotten before they were popular.