Review: Mac MacLeod

Mac MacLeod
“The Incredible Musical Odyssey of the Original Hurdy Gurdy Man”
(RPM Records)

Mac MacLeod has a long history in music and moved in the folk, garage rock and psychedelic rock genres. This compendium explores the breadth of MacLeod’s stylism by compiling acoustic folk songs with a sampling of his one-off groups (The Other Side, Exploding Mushroom) and tracks from the heavy fuzz of his Hurdy Gurdy group and even an Argent song as well as the sitar-based project Amber. MacLeod is still active and we get here new material from his Silverlining band as well as his contemporary take on the song Donovan wrote for him, “Hurdy Gurdy Man”. Many of the other songs will be recognizable as covers of “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Candy Man”, “Season of the Witch” and more are here. The encyclopedic notes that make up the thick booklet cover Mac’s entire career.