Review: Massive Attack

Massive Attack
““100th Window””
(Virgin Records)

One of the strangest records I have ever heard.  “100th Window” is three parts electronica, two parts symphonic ambient noise-pop, and a tea spoon of rock just for good measure.  Be prepared for much beats and rhythms and a very casual roving of beeps and noises that encapsulate your mind.  Seriously, each time I throw this bad boy in the player I hear more and more layers of noise.  They even throw noises on the back of the very subtle but full male and female vocals (from Sinead O’Connor, Horace Andy and Robert Del Naja) which sort of gels the vocals with the rest of the song.  The vocal noise chasers are sort of like pointer trails on a computer because in this case the trail of noises has a hypnotic effect over the listener and paralyzes their ability to have a cognitive thought.

It’s pretty overwhelming to try and fully understand tracks with so much going on.  I can see why so many people get into this type of thing.  After 20 something years of never really giving anything like this a fair shake, I can honestly say Massive Attack is really good.  It simply boggles my mind that I would think this sounds good, but it does.  I strongly recommend checking these guys out.