Review: The Matches

The Matches
“E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals”

The Matches have catchy choruses, and when I say catchy I mean The OC season finale catchy.  The verses are just kind there until the hook laden choruses grab every teen from here to winter formal.  I think Epitaph is getting soft on us, that’s OK though because The Matches are playing pretty attention grabbing material.  In a  pop/emo all ages club kind of way.  Each song has an individual personality, and the production level seems to be really high which cuts away from the rawness of “E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals”.  The intro to “Eryn Smith” spells out the social angle completely.

The Matches engage in a weakass pre song beat box.  Yikes!  Damn pop punks! Why do they always have to be so wacky!  There’s always something “sick” going on, whether all the bro’s are going to the river, or Steve got a phat lift on his truck and now it looks like Bigfoot!  There’s always something.   The Matches would be a great addition to a road trip on the way to the mountain or before a Blink-182 show.  Maybe even just picking your outfit for tomorrow because Motocross is going to be in town.

Either way, this is pop/punk that will be appreciated; it’s poppy, cheesy, energetic, and aimed right at high schools near you!