Review: Mclusky

“Mclusky Do Dallas””
(Too Pure)

Made to be played in a dive bar or your garage, but recorded at Abbey Road “mclusky do dallas” is fourteen crazy ass fuzz rock anthems from the UK.  This album left me feeling completely brain dead.  Not a full frontal lobotomy brain dead, but an I’ve got a really bad hangover and no sunglasses brain dead. There is an obvious Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. and Ween type concoction with “mclusky do dallas.”  I really like the bass line in “fuck this band” and “alan is a cowboy killer.”  However, the best part about this Cardiff three-piece is the off the wall lyrics.  The beginning of “to hell with good intentions” is funny as shit with the opening lines ‘my love is bigger than your love, we take more drugs than a traveling funk band.”  Judging by the rest of the album, I’d say this is true.  In another track, “the world loves us and is our bitch,” it starts “you need some cokecokecokecoke inspiration, for your seven year itch,” and later states, “accidents happen where the rain won’t go, god is a colour that we can’t let go, and faith is admission that we just can’t win.”  Change your life, no, inventive as hell, fuck yeah.