Review: Medicine Drum

Medicine Drum
“Original Face”
(CyberOctave Music)

If you dig the “Survivor” theme song then you’ll probably like this enviro-ethno-eclectic DJ business.  Now, while I am a fan of the show “Survivor” itself, I’ve never really been a big proponent of the music.  Still, Medicine Drum does their best to bring their unique blend of ambient-dub to the masses.  Seeing as how the bands’ founding member, Chris Deckker, hails from Australia, it’s no wonder that there’s such an outback feel to “Original Face”.  Full of didgeridoos, haunting tribal chants and other exotic nuances, this nine-track LP will surely appeal to those electro-heads out there to live to fry their brains on MDA while trying to be spiritual at the same time.

While you probably won’t see the raver kids with the day-glo clothes and pacifiers in their mouths nodding their heads to the breakbeats on “Original Face”, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be.  The melodic and intricate trance elements produced by Medicine Drum’s four members create a more euphonic sound than anything ever achieved by those Cat-In-The-Hat-hat wearing clowns parading around behind the turntables in venues throughout the world.  So if you’re one of those burnout raver guys or gals wanting something that actually requires a brain to listen to, pick this one up.  Even though, let’s face it, that brain of yours is hardly what it once was.