Review: Melee “Against The Tide”

“Against the Tide”
(Hopeless Records)

I’m way into crepes these days.  Crepes are my new favorite food.  I can make them for breakfast, dinner, whatever.  You can put fruit in them, whipped cream, nutella, everything is good.  I have a feeling there’s a lot of fruit in Melee, too.  These guys sound like Bono singing in a garage band where the drummer just wants to play Misfits, the guitarist is feeling Matchbox 20, the dude on bass loves the Chili Peppers, and Bono just wants to croon.  The mismatched, misguided and ill-advised “Against the Tide” is the result, a four track EP likely to be the favorite in the “Worst Album with the Best Cover Art” category.  While I’m down with act that knows their place and sticks to it, Melee seems to be shooting for the AM radio dial with their generic ballads that never pick up any steam or momentum while they wallow around in their own fuzziness.  Still though, gotta like that picture on the front.  Breakfast time, bitches.

Brian Greenaway