Review: Minibar

““Fly Below the Radar”

How many more poetically written, soft and quaint albums from over seas can we stand in the Americas? I have a feeling that the answer is at least one more.  Besides the overly affectionate William Hut of Poor Rich Ones, these young chaps have a leg up on the competition.  Minibar set themselves apart from the pack because they are certainly not afraid to intermingle a little twang or classical guitar with full-frontal rock-n-roll.

Actually, this, like most albums not from the US is not “full-frontal rock-n-roll” because it just lacks that rock edge you might hear on a Dropsonic or Fu Manchu album.  If there is one thing that gives me a feeling of patriotism it’s that we know how to write a fucking rock song in the Americas.  Being in touch with yourself is cool, but sometimes you need to just rock out with your cock out.  I think the best part about this band is the hauntingly Bob Dylan like vocals.  Either this guy is trying to impersonate Dylan or he’s the early reincarnation.

Personally, I think John Mayer is a pretty damn good songwriter besides the freakish facial expressions and I think Minibar would be the perfect opening act for him.  Minibar doesn’t sound exactly the same as John Mayer, but would complement his act superbly.  By the way, I know, John Mayer is a pansy.