Review: Minus The Bear

Minus The Bear
“They Make Beer Commercials Like This”
(Arena Rock Recording Co.)

Soaring guitars and frenetic beats occupy most of this six-song EP from Seattle’s Minus The Bear. Trademarked with their penchant for naming their albums and songs after funny as fuck non-sequiturs (e.g. Let’s Play Clowns, I’m totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien) this delightful EP serves up more of what Minus The Bear excel at: guitar driven rock anthems for all the jaded-aging-hipster-punks, standing in the back of the club looking rather uninterested. With a running time slightly over twenty minutes, this is just the right amount of Minus The Bear you’ll need to hold you over until their next full length is ready. Goes well with speeding on the highway and having sex on your parents bed while they’re away on vacation.