Review: Misconduct

“…United as One”
(Union 2112 / Side By Side)

Misconduct does one thing and they do it well.  It’s just too bad they do it for fourteen straight tracks.  I guess if you only know one riff, one drum beat, and one speed, you’d probably be good at playing them, too.  Misconduct is cut form the same mold as Ten Foot Pole and Youth of Today, where the driving guitars and shouted lyrics quickly go from sounding edgy and immediate to pedantic and uninspired.

Misconduct hail from Sweden, which probably has something to do with their remarkably similar sounding lyrics/vocals from track to track (hey, ask me to write a song in Swedish and it would suck way worse than any of these), as the language barrier only allows for some many catch phrases.  It’s acts like Bad Religion and Youth Brigade that really set the bar higher for all these other punk bands-just mashing power chords and singing about vague Revolutions might impress your bros in the garage (or whatever they park cars in in Sweden) but it’s not going to blow any retarded critics (with stacks of similar-sounding CDs piled up to the ceiling) away.