Review: Modern Life Is War

Modern Life Is War
““My Love My Way””

“Prepare yourself!!!” The shout-out at the beginning of “Late Bloomers” single-handedly resurrects positive hardcore. Countless listens later and Modern Life Is War’s excellent showpiece for how hardcore should sound still resonates in a big, big way. Everything here seems so genuine, so heart-on-sleeve, without sacrificing one iota of power, precision, and general kick-assery. 10 tracks, all of them an integral piece to the “My Love My Way” puzzle, and at least half of them worthy of repetitive play. This is the way hardcore should be executed.  None of the pretenses, eye make-up, metal Tom Spoof-ery or stupid haircuts. Just kids (or, hey, young men) looking for that one pure moment of catharsis. Shit, here’s 24 minutes of it. Excellent, excellent hardcore CD.  One of the best in years.