Review: Montany

“New Born day”

Montany is yet (please, god, no!) another band representing the nauseating resuscitation in European Power Metal which itself is a genre of music that represents style over substance, and Montany is no exception to the rule with flashy instrumentation but little to sink ones teeth into.  The abuse I put my sad little ears through for the sake of passing along information to you the reader makes me wonder why natural selection favored the advance of the auditory sense at all.  I curse the era of time in which the reptilian jawbones, adept at picking up the vibrations of large predators and small prey, slowly specialized themselves, eventually becoming the ear drum, to pick up the many vibratory nuances sound waves traveling through matter create.  I know the members of any given species group that could hear better than others of the group was much more likely to survive and pass on its genes to subsequent generations, thus favoring the evolution of complex instruments of hearing as found in today’s bats, humans and dogs.  But the question remains, isn’t there something better for me to do with my ears than sit hear listening to another European Power Metal band?  Perhaps gently prodding the dark recesses of the auditory canal with a screwdriver?  Or maybe packing them with different brands of firecrackers to determine which are the loudest?