Review: The Movielife / Ex Numberfive split

The Movielife / Ex Numberfive split
(One Day Savior Records)

People in the know will be reading this review and questioning it’s relevence, being that this was made in the summer of 2001 and all. Yet, it’s still a excellent split, if only limited by it’s size (four songs total). Since we just featured Movielife on the cover recently, I rang up One Day Savior to see if we could get this split reviewed, so here we are. The Movielife, a pop/punk/emo (but good) band, opens the album with the most enjoyable “Another Friend?”, a song fans will recognize from their album on Revelation, “This Time Next Year”, and follows it up with “Sailor Tattoos”. Exnumberfive is a completely new act to my ears, and they’re chunky indie riffs and definitive Quicksand influence in “Armistice” and “Go” came off well, with their only ‘flaw’ being a bit strange, musically, to share this CD with a poppier act like The Movielife. Wish it was longer, tho.