Review: Mr. T Experience

Mr. T Experience
““Yesterday Rules””

Wow, I remember checking my local show listings and seeing the name of this great band, “Mr. T Experience”. When I saw that name I thought to myself what a killer name for a band, here years later I’m reviewing the band’s CD. The guys have that old school punk-rock feel to them and I really dug that about this CD. “Yesterday Rules” has these fucking classic guitar sounds that remind me of the Beatles or the Clash.  Songs like ‘‘Just Have Some Faith In Me’’ will make you want to get up and shake your ass; something not enough bands do these days.

There is a big range of diversity here with the band experimenting with organs and acoustic guitars to make the disc that much more of a catch. I found the Mr. T Experience to be a refreshing change of pace from what is currently is put out by labels and being called “groundbreaking”. You know the great feeling you get from discovering a new band? That’s exactly how I felt when I popped this in and heard its soothing sound. This is something you could hear at your local Irish pub while putting back a few pints of Guinness. I for one found Mr. T Experience to be the life of the party.