Review: Mudhoney

“Since We’ve Become Translucent”
(Sub Pop)

I think Mudhoney finds their music to be underappreciated and ignored.  Just look at the title “Since We’ve Become Translucent”.  Not a very good disposition on life is it?  However, this band has been around since the 80’s and during their illustrious history they helped define that fuzzy rock n’ roll called grunge.  I bought one of their albums back in about ’94, listened to it half a dozen times, and gave it to my friend as a birthday present.  I guess grunge was never something I wore on my chest.  Mudhoney have become like Kirk Gibson when he played for the Dodgers in the ’88 World Series and hit the winning home run in one of the games.  This band sounds like they are trying to expand their horizons and try something new and it sounds really good.  I love the use of horns on a few of their tracks.  Mudhoney, old grunge rockers, nearly retired, but still proving they kick ass.