Review: Mung

“Off The Mark (A Seven Year Boil)”
(Rodent Popsicle)

This CD ties together various tracks from 1991-1998, the years that Mung was playing together as a band.  Mung plays insouciant peanut butter and grape jelly on wonder bread punk rock that ought to appeal equally to fans of poppier Green Day/NOFX type bands and some of the more underground sounding bands of Mung’s ilk.  There are many reference points from which I could string up Mung’s sound but what’s the point?  If you like good pop-oriented punk with slightly strained melodic vocals and harmonized choruses, then there’s no one reason I can think of that you wouldn’t want to try giving this a listen.  The band sounds like they had genuine fun with these songs and that feeling translates over to the dutiful listener. In other words, the good-nature and seemingly right-mindedness of these songs is difficult not to enjoy and you have the luxury of digesting a band’s entire seven year existence in one thick compact slab of twenty-five songs.