Review: Naam Brigade

Naam Brigade
“Early in the Game”

Philly hip-hop from a group that’s been around. Decent beats entangled with very average, radio-style flow. The title track and first single, “Early in the Game”, features guest vocals by Freeway is easily the tightest track but fails to carry the album above the rest. “We Live It” has to be one of the most annoying songs out, with a chorus that repeats over a dozen times and a looped guitar riff that will drive any sane person to the brink. A sence of humor comes out in “Fo Sheezy” which is basically about big ‘ol ass (lyric sample “i ain’t never seen an ass so fat/tell me this/can you make it thru the door with that/i need to know/can you shake it on the floor with that”) and a party song mixed with the rest of the 51-minute long album make this an decent release by veteran’s Naam Brigade.