Review: Nate Ashley

Nate Ashley
“”Darker Corners of Your Heart””
(Left Handed Label)

I would have to agree with Nate that for best sound quality you should listen to this album with a glass of wine.  I’m drinking a glass right now and the more I drink the better this guy sounds.  I never really bought into the whole this girl’s a six packer sort of thing, but in this case it really works.  Thanks for the advice Nate.  Anyways, Nate Ashley is a sort of meandering, lounging jazz pop artist with dark sunglasses and an undying love for poetry.  I’’d like to think this falls somewhere in the whole movement, but I could be wrong.  Hell yeah, my favorite track Billy, Bonnie, & Butch just started.  This song is phat because it’s all about the plight of western cowboys.  The gun shot in the middle of the song is an excellent touch too.  Nate Ashley puts me in one hell of a good mood.