Review: No Warning

No Warning
“Ill Blood”
(Bridge 9)

No Warning is hardcore and they are from the East Coast.  Why are all the good hardcore bands from back east?  There must be more to be angry at back there.  My roommate Carolyn is in New York right now and she said it’s freezing.  I just returned from a leisurely jog down to the beach in the warm California sunshine and I really can’t think of anything to be mad about.  So I guess my theory is these guys in No Warning must be upset about the weather.  So instead of singing, “I will remain convicted / It’s not up for discussion / We’re not looking for another way” on “Leech”, what they’re really meaning is, “Damn, it’s cold / Wish it was warmer / Let’s move to Florida”.  No Warning combine plenty of NY-style hardcore in the vein of the Cro-Mags with a fair dosage of aggression and a splash of little mosh breakdowns that are surely the highlight of their live shows.  Not too shabby for a debut effort but I’ll take a sunny afternoon and a Jimmy Buffett album nine times out of ten.