Review: Ohgr

(Spitfire Records)

Mastermind behind Ohgr, is Nivek Ogre, who is most notorious and well known for his work in Skinny Puppy.  Aside from the jealousy of being able to spell my name in new and exciting ways, appreciation still flows for the talents that are Ogre.  This effort being his second under the Ohgr moniker, finds a more dissonant, sparse, atmospherical and moody Ohgr.  Where his previous release was peppered with twitchy, pathologically challenged tempos and almost unsettling vocal tirades, “SunnyPsyOp” is smoothed out and daydreaming often.  It’s got sterility to the production that allows the varying textures of this primarily electro-synth based creation to present themselves with clarity.  That is not to suggest Ohgr has lost any of his eccentricities, there are tracks where something strange is passing itself off as a significant element of a song.  It’s these quizzical choices in sound that makes any Ohgr endeavor worth at least a listen.