Review: Oranges Band

Oranges Band
“All Around”

With their first full-length and second release on Lookout!, Oranges Band have picked up right where they left off from their third EP “On TV”.  We’re talking desperately heart-felt cooing from the band’s mastermind Roman Kuebler and more full-on rock, calling on influences near and far.  You can hear influences as far stretching as Spoon (who Roman happened to have played bass for on their critically acclaimed album “Kill The Moonlight”), the Rolling Stones (early “Black & Blue” era), Stone Roses and Ride.

What Oranges Band has in common with all these acts is that they are a purely organic rock band that wants to make music that’s as meaningful as it is pure.  When you hear the title track “All Around” and that voice sends chills down your spine it will become instantly apparent how incredible this band is.  Score one for Lookout!.