Review: Original Sinners

Original Sinners
(Nitro Records)

A big sticker on the cover of this CD states “Featuring Exene Cervenka of ‘X'”. I guess that means Exene is back. Unfortunately, X is not. Now, can you guess what type of music her new band plays? That’s right, a twangy mix of countrified rockabilly and American folk punk. It certainly isn’t anything groundbreaking or fresh, although it’s not that bad. A strummin’ good time, cramming 13 full songs into a scant 32 and a half minutes. It just sounds an awful lot like stuff she’s already done. There are a few choice moments though. The opener “Birds & Bees”, is a rip-roaring street inspired love song, with those infamous group vocal harmonies, ala X. “Bringin’ Me Down” is a slow-paced rocker, featuring a new twist on the discordant X-style vocals, two females. And the foot-stomping “Whiskey For Supper” utilizes, yup, you guessed it, dueling vocal harmonies, albeit male and female this time. I guess this release is timely though, considering the flux of bands perpetrating variations on the ‘alt country’ style. I’d also guess that Exene’s earned the right to rehash this sound, which cannot be said for alot of the Johnny-Come-Lately’s slinging the new honky-tonk. It’s just too bad that the band uses the word ‘original’ in their title, because this is far from that.