Review: Pennywise

“From the Ashes”

When you put on a Pennywise album, it’s just like putting on an old coat–you know you can always count on it to meet your expectations.  However, although putting on an old reliable coat is comforting, it eventually gets, well, old.  Not straying far from their usual blueprint for generating solid music, “From the Ashes” does very little experimentation in sound and formula, and you almost wish that Pennywise would find the motivation to put a new spin on things.

But if you’’re all about being placated, then their seventh studio album, “From the Ashes”, has that same familiar punk stomp and carries the same catchy sing-along vibe as all their other releases.  Still just as politically infused, the stoic lyrics are carried on crunchy, buzzsaw guitar licks and frantic drum beats.  Even without any real stand out song like “Society” or “Bro Hymn”, Pennywise still pulls off a concrete album that doesn’t displease.  The biggest selling point of the album?  The free DVD that shows Fletcher puking multiple times.