Review: The Curse, Paint it Black, Knives Out, Go! For the Throat

The Curse, Paint it Black, Knives Out, Go! For the Throat
“Chunksaah Records Presents:  The Philadelphia Sound”
(Chunksaah Records)

What the heck was that?!  Four bands, eight songs, just under eleven minutes.  That was the fastest and (possibly) the most intense 10 minutes and 44 seconds of my recent life.  But don’t get me wrong, these bands accomplish all that they intend to, and then some, in that time span.  Each song is remarkably catchy, especially standout tracks “Not Bad for an Older Brother” by Go! For the Throat and “Anniversary” performed by Knives Out.

The former of which is one of the longer tracks on the compilation weighing in at 2:09.

And who could go without mentioning the contributions from Dan Yemin and David Wagenschutz who compose one half of Paint it Black.  After leaving behind such legendary “punk” bands Lifetime and then Kid Dynamite, these two collaborate yet again with this new project.  Their songs on the album seem to embrace the more aggressive side to the two prior bands.

In total, this album seems to be a very special expression of this Philadelphia scene that has a very effective hook, and these bands sure can break it down.