Review: Piebald

““We Are The Only Friends We Have””
(Big Wheel Recreation)

Can you say indie rock?  Do you want to know what indie rock is?  What indie rock stands for?  Your questions can be put to rest if you just listen to this band.  These guys optimize what it means to be indie and have created a cultish following as a result.  Their third full length release, and in my opinion their best, is not just the normal rock outfit.  The interlude to track 2 “Just A Simple Plan” has what sounds like a class full of kindergarten kids singing “just a simple plan to keep you away…” as the singer plays an acoustic guitar.  Come on, these guys rock the party that rocks the party.  Piebald has also employed keyboards, trumpets and bongos.  In another anthem type song “The Monkey Versus The Robot” they sing “We have the best job ever, we really got lucky, we’re no body’s robot, we’re nobody’s monkey.”  Piebald loves what every band should love, being a band and making good music.  I think this attitude sets them apart from the endless trash classified as music.  If you want inspiration buy this record.