Review: Pistol Grip

Pistol Grip
“The Shots From the Kalic Rose”
(BYO Records)

Pistol Grip is a band that is a mixes L.A. and U.K. style punk rock together. They have this modern yet retro sound to them. You can tell by listening to them that they are influenced by bands such as the Sex Pistols, the Clash and Bad Religion. Pistol Grip is a fun and high spirited punk band that writes songs dealing with politics and whatever else lead singer Stax feels he must express through the power of music. All of their songs are strong and catchy. This one will keep you interested from start to finish with one good song after another. This is definitely a band that you can sing a long to. Songs like “Adrenaline”, “Get Up To Get Shot Down”, “Teh Scoundrels”, and “La City Jinx” are catchy songs that you will enjoy singing along to. Their hooks are very noticeable in all of their songs. Good old punk rock, check out this out.