Review: Plastic Mastery

Plastic Mastery
“In the Fall of Unearthly Angels””
(Magic Marker Records)

What would be the best possible form of plastic?  I think it would have to be flexible yet very firm, soft yet hard and coarse, see through yet every color of the rainbow, and most importantly environmentally friendly (yeah, that’s stupid, but how masterful is plastic).  Okay, my point is that this band can be all of those things.  I mean essentially what you have is a pop record that can be energetic and fast paced or slow and wandering or very structured in terms of time signatures and chords and very sporadic and unpredictable or, well you get the picture.  Not only that, but Plastic Mastery does a very good job with their songs across the board.
For a first record “in the fall of unearthly angels” is a very good record that shows innumerable talent and potential for future success.  My favorite track on this album is “the earthlings of the evening” which has one of the most catchy choruses I have heard in quite a while and the way Plastic Mastery plays this song gives me chills.  The thing that most grabs me about this outfit is that they are believable and show absolute uninhibited emotion on their record.  This is something I will be listening to for the rest of my life.