Review: Project Rocket / Fall Out Boy

Project Rocket / Fall Out Boy
“Split EP”
(Uprising Records)

I’m so stoked!  The ebay auction just ended and I am the next owner of Mineral’s first 7”, which I’ve wanted for years.  Thank Yahweh for ebay and all the glory it brings to the trading world.  Now that I got that out, project rocket is one tight ass operation that I can put some real backing behind.  No really, these guys are a little behind the pack, but think middle of the road Fifteen meets a more apathetic (come on Fifteen gets behind helping the world and shit) Saves the Day.  I mean Saves the Day pre “Stay What You Are”.  Also the vocals are quaint and not to flashy, but able to keep their own with eve the most influential of singers.  Now that I think of it these guys are sort of “Pinkerton” meets the “Green Album”.  fall out boy is along the lines of Millencolin or maybe some other over the seas sort of pop-punk act.  Not worth screaming over.