Review: Red Harvest

Red Harvest
“Sick Transit Gloria Mundi”
(Relapse Records)

Brutal techno/electronic drenched grind and thrash, heavily metallic industro-crush and bark type of musical oblivion.  The percussive elements are usually pummeling dumptrucks of rhythm, unrelenting and tempo pushing.  A good bulk of this album trods along singular ideas, which are always interesting enough, but a lot of this just doesn’t show the dynamics I heard on their previous release, “Cold Dark Matter”.  Atmospheric and indulgent passages sweep along, creating a rhythmic, flowing wall of abrasion, drenched in effect and reverb.  Interesting enough for the textural value, but starts to become an endurance test on the patience and ears, waiting for the song to fall into an ugly crash of ripping guitars and bastardized electronic noises, twisted into a rhythmic force and proclaimed ‘music’.  It just doesn’t happen enough on this release.  If you’ve never heard of this band, I’d recommend their previous “Cold Dark Matter” and maybe sample “Sick Transit Gloria Mundi” if your are REALLY into the electro/brutal hybrids.  Especially the ones that limit themselves to a musical range their band is capable of blowing out of, but just never gets the guts to take the risks.