Review: The Reunion Show

The Reunion Show
“The Motion”
(Law of Inertia Records)

“The Motion” is a six track EP recorded about eighteen months ago by a band that has toured throughout the East Coast, building a following of mod rockers, emo kids, and just about everybody else.  The Reunion Show eventually decided they’d done enough touring and focused on making a record that showcased their desire to create the ultimate pop song.  Not pop like Janet Jackson or some other heinous MTV band, but something more along the lines of Weezer, The Cars, or Elvis Costello.  And, in this not-so-humble reviewer’s opinion-they have.  “The Motion” never takes itself too seriously, allowing the highly dance-able tracks to never sound pretentious or awkward.  All six songs kick ass-moog organs, catchy hooks, upbeat bass lines and inventive lyrics; everything a pop tune should be and everything MTV and the Top 40 radio waves are not.  The Reunion Show plays music that is as smart as it is fun, and that’s saying a lot.