Review: Revelation 100

Various Artists
“Revelation 100: A Fifteen Year Retrospective of Rare Recordings”
(Revelation Records)

Compliations usually aren’’t my bag. Personally most comp’s are  what they appear to be; watered down advertisements for a bunch of bands you never heard of and two that you know. It’s a smart idea, but I don’t believe in charging for promotion. That said, this is a neat set of bands. Not only are there current stars on here, like Slipknot, Movie Life and others, but also included are older groups like Judge and Gorilla Biscuits. Even better, all of these are adolescent, b-sides, or live tracks; basically, songs  you probably haven’t heard yet, even if you’re way into the band. This comp would make an especially good impression on the youth (of Today, which is also on here) who only recognize one or two bands off of this album. Expand your mind!