Review: Ring, Cicada

Ring, Cicada
“Good Morning, Mr. Good.”
(54 40 or Fight)

Well, look who decided to just come in and drop a rockin’ indie record on us.  This is Ring, Cicada’s debut album after being a band for about seven years.  Way to stick with it buddies! I’ve always wanted to go from teen to adult with my bandmates.  But that’s all over now, my next foreseeable life progression is adult, to gimp.

Anyhow, “Good Morning, Mr. Good.” is bursting with progressions that fluctuate between somber simplicity, and pointed rock frustration.  The production is top rate, all instruments being given seemingly perfect levels and tones. The vocals on the album are great, but unfortunately are scarce throughout the record.  The guitars tones are chunky and raw, as is the bass.  Ring, Cicada, have been likened to other bands such as Shiner, and Tar. This may be somewhat accurate, but there is definitely something going on that sets them apart. Whoa!  I just felt like Simon from American Idol!