Review: Riot

“Through the Storm”
(Metal Blade)

Riot, huh, I thought they must have been long dead.  Maybe it’s a different Riot?  No, sounds pretty much like the Riot of the eighties.  I didn’t particularly care for Riot then I can still say pretty much the same thing now for this very metal band with their endless soloing, operatic tenor male vocals, high-hat riding drummer and…

Whoa, that was weird.  A scuff on the CD caused the whole album to stop and restart at the beginning of track one.  Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.  Maybe powerful metal loving forces somewhere “out-there” are suggesting I give this new Riot record another listen and revise my opinions.  I mean, I can do that.  I can go back and look over my past Riot policy and determine whether or not I’ve been misled.  I can be a bigger man than that would-be S.O.B. squatting in the oval office who is so full of self-righteous twaddle he can’t even bring himself to utter the words “shame on me.”  You bet I can be a better, more gracious man than he.  It takes a real man, with real juicy vital balls and not dead desiccated turds hanging beneath his piano wire cock to admit he’s wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, dead wrong about invading Iraq and about the quality of the new album from Perennial stalwarts Riot.

But unfortunately I’m not that man because it’s also important to stand by one’s gut instincts and know when he is right and when he is wrong.  And I am right.  But that doesn’t mean Bush isn’t wrong.
Riot covers “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.
They are dumb.