Review: Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright
“Want One”

The follow-up to “Poses”, “Want One” echoes with the same wistful inspiration Wainwright is notorious for.  The album swells with the melodramatic pace of a Broadway show tune and is articulated in Wainwright’s traditional operatic way.  You eventually find yourself entangled in its sincere emotional complexity; something that went missing in previous releases.

Speaking to an acquired taste, Wainwright’s charming lyrics gently wash over you in sweet, earnest waves, as he waxes poetic about the idiosyncrasies of life and misfortunes befallen him in love.  He truly has a way with words, dredging his soul for descriptors that although simple, have a way of affecting the listener on a deeper level.

This sweet prince will easily sweep you away with the tragic lyrics on tracks like “4th Street” and “Movies of Myself” and next thing you know you will have plucked your way through a box of Kleenex.  This album is clearly written for dreamers and sentimental ladies longing for their knight in shining armor.