Review: Saturday Looks Good To Me

Saturday Looks Good To Me
““All Your Summer Songs””
(Polyvinyl Record Co)

It’s so weird to get an album like this because we just started a war and “All Your Summer Songs” undoubtedly is similar to the sounds of the 50s and 60s hipsters making music during the World Wars.  Considering the low-fi “living in the past and loving it” feeling these fine artist strike me as being both refreshing and strikingly different than anything I’ve recently come into possession of.  Belle and Sebastian lovers will definitely find something in Saturday Looks Good To Me.  They have the same sort of pop brilliance and dally in orchestration and all types of voice and guitar effects.

You can really tell that Saturday Looks Good To Me is making music for themselves and not for anyone else.  The songs “Typing” and “Underwater Heartbeat” are testaments to the degree of variation from song to song and are also fine examples of how damn near every song is danceable and jovial in sound, but often equally as somber in texture.  Also, although bands like SLGTM sound like they were born 50 years late these kids are doing it better, with more musical shenanigans and better equipment than ever before.  Most people suffer from some “what will people think if I like a band like this” trepidation, but I call on to them to be true to their ears and their feelings.  This is a great record.