Review: Saves The Day

Saves The Day
““In Reverie””
(Vagrant Records)

What the fuck is this band’s obsession with body parts being mutilated and befouled.  I thought it was kind of weird how “Stay What You Are” was so focused on collecting blood to drink and publicly mutilating people and with this Chris Conley’s voice it made the album almost laughable if it didn’’t sound so catchy and sweet.  “Stay what you are” was really a much darker album than people gave it credit for.  Now on the follow up “In reverie” I’m beginning to wonder if Chris needs to go to a shrink to figure out what his obsession with death and mutilation is all about.

Most bands have a problem with always writing about girls and how their hearts were broken, but saves the day can’t stop talking about “rotting flesh” and “carving someone up like meat” as the track “monkey” would indicate.  On the title track “in reverie” how could “bottle breaking on my face” be “only a reminder of your love I lost a lifetime ago”?  Building off their delicate indie rock sound “In reverie” is a very unforgettable album, but I think we have a real life Red Dragon on our hands.