Various Artists

Various Artists
“Snoisses, Vol. II”
(Sessions Records)

Sessions has put out a little fifteen compiler showcasing such acts as The Faction, Time Spent Driving, Downway, Turnedown, and the like.

Downways’ “Stop” is undoubtedly the highlight of the effort, a fast and furious burst through melodic choruses and churning verses.  “Thin Like Paper” by Time Spent Driving finds the band at their best, all emoed out and contemplating breakups and girls-a little on the whiney side but still pretty good.

Eleventeen supplies an unreleased demo of “Get Well Soon” which beautifully captures the effortless way they rip through their songs without being overly chunky or fake.  They really give Downway a run for their money.  The rest of the album is pretty ho-hum, Fury 66 and The Missing 23rd do their collective things, as does Jetlag, a fairly decent sounding skate-punk outfit.

Worth a listen, I guess, Downway and Eleventeen in particular.