Review: SevStatik

“Speak Life”
(Uprok Records)

Sev’s solo release lacks that head swinging rhythm found when he spits with Deep Space 5. He truly shines when engulfed by tighter lyricists than those found in his native Tunnel Rats crew or on his own. With six solid compositions on a 19-song release, this emcee has a lot of filler cramping his flow. It is lyrically inconsistent and production quality varies from track to track due to a multitude of producers summoned for the recording. Sev should have stayed in the lab perfecting the gift of gab and the gift of being humble before boasting lyrically superiority throughout “Speak Life”. ¬†All the tracks produced by Dert are flawless, laying the foundation for Sev to spit bars to the best of his potential. “MIC” is the closing to the album track and only reiterates what potential this cat has if he keeps his head in the pad and mediocre beats off his release.