Review: Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows
“The Cost of Living”
(Two Sheds Music)

Alright, here’s a scenester stock tip. Sharks and Minnows. Start dropping this band’s name when you are standing out front of the bar this Saturday and then in 6 months when they’re all the rage you can say, “Oh those guys. I have been into them forever. They’re OK.” Your trading price will go through the roof. And they are OK. They are very solid, very adequate rock.

Drum driven, emotionally charged, tragically energetic, Sharks and Minnows rock through their third release with conviction and clarity. Their technical skills shines through. Their hearts bleed off their sleeves on “The Cost of Living.” The girls must be going fucking wild?

These guys don’t necessarily require their own genre name. They fit nicely into the realm of good ol’ fashioned indie rock; straight forward, without pretension, strong, sturdy, reliable, sometimes boring but never discouraging. The way this album will totally embed its’ way into your soul is if you let yourself catch some of the lyrics. They may strike you as cliche at first, but if you are even the tiniest bit susceptible to some sort of kitsch at this point in your life, you’ll get hooked quicker than a 12 year-old on playground peddled crack.