Review: Single Frame

Single Frame
“Wetheads Come Running”

Sometimes there’s no other way to describe a band’s music other than the fact that they’re different, which just about sums up Single Frame’s “Wetheads Come Running”.  There are times like in the opening track ‘Floral Design In a Straight Line’’ where I thought they sound a bit like At The Drive In, but only to be proven completely wrong in the very next song when in kicks into this awesome artsy-indie-rock sound.  Single Frame use a more organic sound utilizing organs, samples, electronics and classic guitar sounds to achieve something truly artistic.  Honestly, trying to make any comparisons or even describe Single Frame’s sound will destroy what they’re doing here.  There are some cool features included on this disc like 3 videos, interviews, band footage and more to make this disc an even better bang for your buck.  If you’re into new sounds or just exploring the bands breaking new ground then Single Frame is exactly what you’ve been looking for.