Review: Small Towns Burn A Little Slower

Small Towns Burn a Little Slower
(Rise Records)

Small Towns Burn a Little Slower rock this 5 song EP with a poppy, layered sound capacity akin to newcomers Voice in the Wire plus a vocal quality that would be similar to watching singer Danny Wolf channel Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara.  Each track stands apart a little from the rest, but the release is very cohesive as a whole.  Complete with [sometimes] aggressive backing vocals, Small Towns push through melodious, upbeat tracks that follow along a pleasant path and though the band doesn’t necessarily push the envelope too much, their quality is their solidity.  “Alias, the Beekeeper” starts the album with blurring guitar lines that lead onto much “bigger and better things” as they say in the biz.  “A Flower Cross” – a quiet, acoustic ballad-of-sorts – is the disc’s denouement that considerably separates itself from the seismic bouncing wavelengths on the rest of the record.  The alpha and the omega and all that fits in between make this album stand out against the like-minded.