Review: SmogTown

“All Wiped Out”
(TKO Records)

Smogtown fuckin ruled.  I’m reviewing this from the stand point of someone who saw Smogtown play twenty million times.  I used to be in a band called The X-Used (way before The Used) eventually after I was gone, The X-Used became The Numbers. Some of you hopefully are familiar with The Numbers, if not look into it. (and The Pegs).  Anyways, as things went we both played the OC bar punk circut fairly aggresively.  Of course as a result I came to know Ray (singer) and other members of Smogtown.

Smogtown has always kicked ass, thier first singles on Hostage Records are still tunes that I include on comp. tapes that I make.  “Suicide”, and “I’m a Jerk” feel like classic rock songs to me.  Ray was someone that everyone always remembered, even some of my friends that went to high school with Ray remember Ray as the ultimate jerk.  He always knew how to talk shit that would hit home, really make you feel like a kook.   Perfect to lead a punk band.  To be honest I never expected that Smogtown would get on TKO records, and it wasn’t becuse they weren’t good enough, it’s because they really never did care.

“Fuhers of the New Wave” is an album that many punk enthusiasts consider epic, a concept album that tells a story that many can’t relate to.  Now down the line it’s all over, Smogtown have gone their seperate ways and all that remains is thier recorded music.  Just remember some bands have a lot more than thier recorded music, there’s events, stories, and people that made an impact on all of us.  Maybe this is mellow dramatic, or maybe you really missed out on something very cool.