Review: Sodom

“One Night in Bangkok”

Sodom releases their third live album, “Mortal Way of Live” and “Marooned” being the two predecessors, and this one is a double CD doozy containing twenty-four songs that span their lengthy career (over 20 years!).  This album comes out fast on the heels of fellow Teutonic thrashers, Kreator’s, double live CD, and like that one, Sodom delivers the grand visceral goods.  The sound is raw, but the production exceptional.  Live album production is getting damn good lately.  This one seems to be done without the aid of overdubs or any of that bullshit.

The guitar sound is strong and bass and drums pummeling.  You won’t be let down. The band play their songs with a near drunken enthusiasm that causes the songs to nearly career out of control, loosen up, topple onto their sides and then, just in the nick of time, right themselves, bolt straight up and take off full-bore, tight and grinding.

This is a must have for fans of Sodom (I know there’s a bunch of you) and for me it’s a delightful comapanion piece to Kreator’s double live release.  Listeners get a chance to hear two of the great-granddaddies of German thrash in all their fierce lively glory, just as they were meant to be heard.  Now, if Destruction could slip a double live one under my door I’d be all set.
Also contains a live video for “Among the Weirdcong.”