Review: Sonny Vincent

Sonny Vincent
“The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”
(Acetate Records)

People are falling all over this thing.  “Oh, Sonny Vincent,” people are screaming, “I always loved him in…what band was that again?”  “Retro-punk is so cool!  I just love Arthur Fonzarelli style leather jackets and full-figured guitar riffs!”  Yeah, well, eat it.  Giving props to your elders is cool and stuff but pointless revivals are out like legwarmers, nahmean?  Sonny Vincent plays guitar and sings on this album with basically a who’s-who-of-who-cares?  Wayne Kramer of the MC5?  Yeah, Democratic National Committee Riot in Chicago-that’s cool, I guess.  But if he was really cool he’d be in O-Town, those guys are righteous.  Sorry, I’m off topic.

Vincent plays a lot of rock ‘n’ roll that seems pretty removed from the punk he used to play when he was in The Testors and other lip-snearing punk bands.  Instead, a mellower Vincent rocks out with Television’s Richard Lloyd, Jim O’Rourke of Sonic Youth, Robert Quine of the Voidoids, etc.  Vincent’s (and his sideburns) songs are pretty much about guitar slingers of yore, such as the track “Trans-Love”, which goes, “My friend I really dig your jams / I like all your songs / Yeah! Right from the heart”.  Yep, right from the heart and straight to the garbage can.